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Every room in your home should accentuate the way you live, not hinder it. Simple Bath has helped hundreds of Central Ohio homeowners upscale their space through timely, professional bathroom remodeling. Like what you see? Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our design consultants.

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Calming Bathroom Retreat in Dublin


Calming Bathroom Retreat in Dublin


Calming Bathroom Retreat in Dublin
Calming Bathroom Retreat in Dublin

The first step was the installation of a sleek and modern glass walk-in shower. The transparent walls created an illusion of openness, making the bathroom appear more spacious while allowing natural light to flood in.

Our Simple Solution:

Complementing the crisp lines of the glass shower, we introduced a dark wood vanity that became the centerpiece of the bathroom. This choice not only added warmth to the room but also created a striking contrast with the lighter elements, for balance and sophistication.

The couple’s granddaughter, in particular, loved the new tub!

Calming Bathroom Retreat in Dublin

When a lively and fun-loving couple was referred to us by their neighbors, we eagerly took on the challenge of transforming their bathroom into a dreamy retreat. Skeptical yet hopeful, they wanted a bathroom overhaul with our quick turnaround time of five days and a refreshing style update.

Clients Needs:

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