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Every room in your home should accentuate the way you live, not hinder it. Simple Bath has helped hundreds of Central Ohio homeowners upscale their space through timely, professional bathroom remodeling. Like what you see? Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our design consultants.

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Glorious Space in Gahanna


Glorious Space in Gahanna


Glorious Space in Gahanna
Glorious Space in Gahanna

The old oak wood was replaced with graphite cabinetry, providing a contemporary aesthetic and plenty of storage. The bathroom took on a new level of sophistication and practicality.

A central feature of the renovation was the installation of a modern freestanding tub. Placed strategically to capture natural light and offer a view of the backyard through large windows, the tub became a luxurious addition.

Our Simple Solution:

A sleek and efficient shower system was integrated, blending seamlessly with the overall aesthetic and ensuring practicality. The once outdated and cumbersome space had become a modern retreat that aligned with their preferences. It was now a functional and enjoyable space, reflecting the success of a well-executed renovation and the satisfaction of creating a personalized sanctuary at home.

In Gahanna, a couple with a large master bathroom decided it was time for a change. What should be an open, comforting space to refresh oneself felt cramped and old.

Glorious Space in Gahanna

Despite the excellent natural light, they were tired of the dated oak wood and the oversized tub taking up too much space. They opted for a renovation to give their bathroom a more modern and functional look.

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