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Every room in your home should accentuate the way you live, not hinder it. Simple Bath has helped hundreds of Central Ohio homeowners upscale their space through timely, professional bathroom remodeling. Like what you see? Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our design consultants.

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Hilliard Haven


Hilliard Haven


Hilliard Haven
Hilliard Haven

To address the client's needs and aspirations, we implemented a comprehensive solution tailored to elevate the space and meet their expectations.
Transition from Dark Earth Tones to Cool Airy Spa-Like Colors.
Installation of Bright White Shiplap Walls.
New Slip-Resistant LVT Flooring: a perfect blend of style and functionality.
Transition to Classic, Shiny Chrome Finish.
By embracing light, airy colors and incorporating modern fixtures and finishes, we successfully turned a once-dark hallway bathroom into a bright, inviting sanctuary a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship.

Our Simple Solution:

At Simple Bath + Kitchen, we often encounter hall, kids', or guest bathrooms in need of a refresh. The Hilliard Haven project was no exception. The space was characterized by darkness, outdated fixtures, and a disconnect from the light and airy aesthetic present elsewhere in the home. Our mission was clear: to brighten, update, and harmonize this bathroom with the rest of the house, transforming it into a serene spa-like retreat.

A Refreshing Transformation to a Light and Airy Bathroom

Hilliard Haven

The clients' primary concerns centered around brightening the space, which felt too dark and dreary. They desired a complete update of all fixtures and finishes while ensuring the bathroom seamlessly matched the downstairs' light and airy aesthetic. Their goal was to create a more inviting and visually appealing environment for both guests and family members.

Clients Needs:

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