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Every room in your home should accentuate the way you live, not hinder it. Simple Bath has helped hundreds of Central Ohio homeowners upscale their space through timely, professional bathroom remodeling. Like what you see? Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our design consultants.

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Tranquil Westerville Walk-In Shower Remodel


Tranquil Westerville Walk-In Shower Remodel


Tranquil Westerville Walk-In Shower Remodel
Tranquil Westerville Walk-In Shower Remodel

First we took out the tub. In its place we installed a large, walk-in shower complete with a bench, clear frameless doors, and stainless steel shower fixtures. As for the old shower nook, our designers saw the perfect opportunity to add decorative floating shelves for towels. The saying “less is more” has never rang more true when it comes to remodeling a full bathroom.

Our Simple Solution:

Far too often clients come to us looking to add a sense of tranquility to their outdated bathrooms. These Westerville homeowners needed much more than your typical remodel – it was time to completely rethink their bathroom layout to accommodate their daily lives.

Less Is More: Transforming Underutilized Space Into A Relaxing Experience

Tranquil Westerville Walk-In Shower Remodel

Telephone booths were arguably better than their old shower. Not to mention a massive, underutilized tub that seemingly taunted anyone looking to relax. The room as a whole was anything but inviting, let alone a calming environment for people to unwind.

Clients Needs:

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